Japanese Storefront Watercolor Painting Classes

  • Dates and times:
    We will provide class date and time options for everyone to choose from

  • Location:
    Room No.2, 3/F – Oru Sutton Workspace, 140 High Street Sutton, SM1 1NG

  • Target:
    Adults, Secondary or Primary Students (suitable for beginners)

  • Language:

  • Course Fee:
    £120/4 Lessons (Drawing tools and materials will be provided for use in class)


手繪 Speed Drawing

Address: Oru Sutton Workspace – Room No.2, 3/F, 7 Throwley Way, Sutton SM1 4AF

Tel: +44 7517162176

WhatsApp/Signal: +852 96213083 Willie Ng

Email: willieng09@gmail.com